Goat Milk and - What else?

Goat Milk and - What else?

Over the past few weeks, we've posted a lot of content about the real-life magic goats milk works on your skin. We make sure that each bar of Frabella's soap contains a minimum of 25% goat milk, straight from the farm. This ensures maximum opportunity for the ingredient to regenerate, hydrate and soothe your skin. But what about the remaining 75%?

Frabella's products are created with only premium, natural ingredients that nourish and soothe your skin. Many 'natural' products consist of nasty preservatives, parabens and chemicals that you couldn't even begin to pronounce. While these may perform in the short-term, eventually these ingredients work against your skin - stripping it of its natural oils, and irritating sensitive skin types. We just don't believe that such additives are necessary. It's entirely possible to create natural and nourishing product that actually nourish your skin. 

All Frabella's soaps comprise the same base, which alone make gentle moisturising soaps that leave your skin soft and smooth. Amongst high quantities of goat milk, these ingredients include:

  • Olive Oil acts as a natural natural antioxidant and powerful moisturiser, helping your skin to remain supple and youth. It is also rich in vitamins A and E, offering extra nourishment to your skin. Our soaps contain only Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made right here in New Zealand.
  • Coconut Oil helps your skin retain moisture, keeping is maximally hydrated. It is also high in vitamin E and lauric acid. This boasts anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which soothe and heal skin irritations. 

  • Shea Butter acts as a super-moisturiser, boasting added healing properties. It contains an abundance of vitamin A which combats a range of skin conditions such as wrinkles and eczema. What's more? We only source high quality, fair trade Shea Butter - straight from the shea trees in Africa!

  • Sunflower Oil is unparalleled in its anti-aging abilities. With its high concentrations of vitamin E, it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by maintaining the collagen and elastin in your skin. It also contains omega-6 which encourages the development of new skin cels - supple and bright complexions for all!

Sounds good right? Well, it doesn't stop there! Some of our soaps are also made with essential oils such as lavender, rose, sandalwood and almond. We only use DoTERRA 100%  essential oil blends to ensure that, not only do the soaps smell diving but, to optimise the physical and emotional benefits these oils provide. Our oils are sourced directly from ew Zealand suppliers to ensure our soaps are of the utmost quality.

Goat milk is most certainly a superior ingredient when it comes to taking care of your skin. To complement and enhance its benefits, we've made sure to pair it with other superior ingredients. Every component in Frabella's soaps works to target each and every skin concern. Just try them for yourself and see how our carefully curated recipes can make your skin glow. 


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