Corporate/Custom/Private Label

Working with us

As a small agile company we are able to produce small runs, private label and custom made products to fit requirements. We will work with customers to product the best product without compromising on our beliefs, cutting corners or substituting quality ingredients.

We also work with a local design and packaging company to bring your ideas to life. 

Why Frabella Products?

All of our products have fresh goats milk, honey and Kawakawa all off our from farm.

All of our soaps have at least 30% Fresh Raw Goats Milk, no added water, preservatives, chemicals, additives and no added colours. This allows your body to fully absorb all the beneficial properties of a REAL Goats milk soap.

We use no chemicals, no preservatives, no added water and only the highest quality natural ingredients.

If you want to provide your customers with something 100% NZ made and natural then Contact Us and lets discuss how we can work together.