Detox and Revitalise Milk Bath Flakes & Scrub

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Detox and Revitalise Milk Bath Flakes

Experience the power of Detox and Revitalise Milk Bath Flakes & Scrub, featuring nourishing ingredients like bentonite clay, Himalayan salts, Sea Minerals and essential oils. Immerse yourself in a luxurious bath and indulge in exfoliation for extra clean and fresh skin.

Our special addition of raw goats milk provides a lather that leaves your skin nourished with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to combat environmental aggressors. Feel the protective layer over your entire body as you soak in the bath, perfect for dry skin and various skin conditions. These amazing bath milk flakes not only heal and protect your skin, but also reduce inflammation and soothe any sore or itchy areas. Enhance your bath experience by adding a handful of flakes and pairing it with our bars for a true day spa experience.

250g comes in a compostable re-sealable pouch, so nothing is wasted. 

Ingredients; Fresh Raw Goat Milk soap, Essential Oils, Bentonite Clay, Himalayan salt

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 Phillip - Christchurch
"Absolutely amazing soap, my children no longer itch and have sensitive skin. we have tried all sorts of creams and lotions. This soap has worked so fast in clearing my children eczema. Thank you."

Carol - Sydney
"I was so worried about my flaking skin over the years I stopped wearing shorts and t-shirts.  However since using your soap, my skin has stopped flaking and the dryness is almost gone.  I feel so much more confident in myself and and can show off my legs and arms again. Thank you so much."

Anna - Wellington

"The Bath Milk Flakes and calming soap with the beautiful lavender essential  Oils relaxes and calms my children before bedtime, making them go to sleep faster so no longer does it take 2 hours for the bedtime routine.  Also no more dry itchy skin.  Amazing products."

Steve - Tauranga

"5* rating, As a mechanic I get dry dirty hands, but the soap and moisturiser work great in removing grease and dirt, without drying my skin out and it helps the eczema I have between my fingers."  

Catherine - Wellington

"I love using the healing balm, its great for scratches, cuts, bites, and great for nappy rash. Knowing it has no chemicals in it is great for my 1 year old."


 Kath - United Kingdom

"The Kawakawa lip balm is wonderful. Due to the medication I am on my lips are very very sensitive and this was the first time I could wear something and it didn't hurt or sting. It actually calmed them and they felt smooth and are healing. Thank you so much." 


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