The True Cost of Skincare Part 2

The True Cost of Skincare Part 2

A core value for Frabella has always been sustainability. We strive to provide luxury skincare products, without harming the earth. We’re so lucky to be able to share the wonders of natural goat milk with you, and put this gratitude at the forefront of our work. 

There’s an abundance of mainstream positive messaging surrounding the wonders of natural & sustainable consumption. However, we feel that the media has done an injustice at communicating just how harmful standard skincare really is. What I’d like to term as “standard products”, are still the object of mass consumerism, with people paying a premium to ‘eliminate frown lines’ irrespective of the harsh ingredients, or excessive plastic packaging. Big brands that can afford to invest in sustainable practices neglect to do so in the name of increasing profit margins. 

But let’s take it back to a societal level. What if the actual cost of skincare isn’t just the number on the price tag? What if the skincare industry hurts humanity on the whole more than our bank accounts?

Well, we’re back with further reasons as to why it’s not a what if; it’s a reality.


Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic shift in consumer preferences towards green products - those that are naturally derived, eco-friendly and sustainable. Yes, this does mean that consumerism is increasingly starting to consider environmental concerns in their purchasing decisions. However, this also presents an opportunity for companies to cash in on a green image. 

Often large skincare brands will incorporate a couple of natural ingredients and slap a ‘natural’ label on a product that otherwise comprises harmful toxins. This manipulates green consumers into believing that they’re sustainably consuming. People think that they’re making the right decisions by the environment. But really, they’re just increasing demand for harmful toxins. 

The presence of such chemicals also allows large corporations to keep their prices low - lower than those genuinely engaging in sustainable practices. It’s basic human behaviour that, 9 times out of 10, we opt for the cheaper alternative. As such, even green consumers will consistently fall for this false advertising and select a falsely natural cleanser.

Further, increasing companies require these natural ingredients. This means that more has to be produced. As such, farming and mining activity has to increase to keep up with the new demand. Now, this could be fine - if it was conducted sustainably. However, large corporations require these ingredients in large quantities and at expedited rates - no matter the harm to the environment. As long as their pockets remain healthily lined, they’re happy. This results in increasing instances of source ingredients in a manner that disrupts ecosystems and rapidly diminishes natural resources that aren’t renewable. 

Overall, the only solution is to fact-check. Make sure that any and all of your skincare products are genuinely natural, eco-friendly and sustainable. Here at Frabella, we only use naturally-derived ingredients in our soaps on principle. No hidden nasties. Only goodness for your skin, and the environment. 


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