Let's Talk About Skin Types - Part Two

Let's Talk About Skin Types - Part Two

Once again, it's time to take a deep dive into the different skin types. We are all stuck with a different type of skin - from oily to dry and everything in between. And, I'll be the first to admit that some people are luckier than others! It's no lie that we can often have a complicated relationship with our skin. Some days it's glowing and others, it's breaking out or red and flaky. However, we're here to introduce you to the mantra that fixes all - the better we treat our skin, the better it treats us. 

First, a little reminder that external factors including your environment, stress levels, hormones and diet are all at play when dealing with problem skin. We also need to consider problem ingredients. A lot of heavily marketed products add ingredients that improve your skin in the short term, but damage in the long term. Check the back of your current products. Any alcohols, thick emollients, fragrance, abrasive scrubbing agents, or harsh drying and cleansing agents? These ingredients among others can rigger skin reactions or oil clogs - not great huh?

Having the right products for your skin is always pivotal in alleviating any concerns and, preventing these issues from returning. However, each and every skin type demands different nutrients to truly grow. Here at Frabella, we cover them all and we're about to tell you exactly what you need for your skin type. 

Last time, we looked at the big two: oily and dry skin. This week, we're tacking normal, sensitive and combination skin. 

Normal Skin

If you have normal skin then congratulations, you've won the skin lottery with your well-balanced complexion. Though you might come across the odd breakout or dry skin, a simple skincare routine is your best friend. In other words, you and your skin have a harmonious, low maintenance relationship - lucky you! This means that you can trial out multiple different products with minimal risk of reaction. 

Though your skin typically tends to play by the rules, hydration is key to a perfect complexion. We produce all natural goats milk moisturisers such as our Vanilla & Kawakawa Natural Goats Milk Moisturising Cream. It's packed with Vitamins A & E which helps to rejuvenate the skin and, Vitamins B12 & B6 which hydrate and restore moisture. 

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is often the hardest skin type to handle as you may likely react to most products due to the presence of harsh ingredients. Rough scrubbing and hot water can also inflame your skin so, top tip! Make sure to use lukewarm water with products that have minimal active ingredients. Our goat's milk soap is the perfect candidate for sensitive skin - no harsh chemicals, preservatives, colours or fragrances. In other words, no nasties!

The 'Goat Milk' Bar heals and protects the skin, cleaning it without stripping the protective layer or natural oils. This means you can get a deep cleanse without worrying about irritating your skin. 

Another great option is the Kawakawa Goats Milk Soap. It contains amazing antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory qualities that are incredibly soothing for sensitive skin. 

Combination Skin

For those of you with combination skin, you'll know that taking care of your complexion can be a wee bit tricky. I mean, you're dealing with dry and oily skin. A mild cleanser, light serum and moisturiser would be the product that saves all combo skin concerns. However, finding a single product that can hit all three marks is tricky to say the least. Lucky for you, Frabella has the perfection solutions!

Once again, turn your attention towards our 'Goats Milk' Bar. Include this into your routine and your skin will feel hydrated and refreshed without stripping your skin of its natural oils. This makes it perfect to combat both your dry cheeks and oily t-zone.

Our Activated Charcoal & Goats Milk Soap is another great product for combination skin. The charcoal works to detoxify your skin of excess oil and dead skin, leaving you with fresher looking skin all over. 


Whatever your skin type, Frabella can once again save the day and freshen your complexion! You literally can not go wrong by including one of our skin-saving products in your routine. 

Make sure to also checkout our Benefit of Goat Milk Soap series for more information on how goat's milk can give your skin that glow!


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    Sheryl Day: May 23, 2021

    I bought your shampoo bar to treat a sore scalp. Still a work in progress. I read that argan oil might be beneficial . Have your products helped anyone with rosacea? I am thinking the rosacea and the scalp may be related.

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