Benefits of Goats Milk

Benefits of Goats Milk

Potentially controversial opinion - today’s beauty and skincare market is rife with harsh chemicals and preservatives that create that dreaded glow down. Don’t believe me? Just check the back of any of your daily go-tos. I guarantee you that there’s a multitude of -diums and -oxides that you couldn’t even begin trying to pronounce. Big price tags and pretty bottles, all plastered with promises of youthful, supple and glowing skin. But do they work? Are they worth it? Maybe short term, but it comes at the cost of damage in the long run. 

We all know that your skin is the biggest organ. What’s applied to it is absorbed straight into your body. All those chemicals you just read on the back of your cleanser? Yes, they are circulating around your bloodstream as we speak. Skincare consumption trends have shown greater awareness of this, with preferences shifting towards natural products. Here at Frabella, we’re also conscious about what we put into and onto our bodies and, that's just one of the reasons goat milk soap has become a staple in our skincare routines. 

Frabella soaps offers products with as much goat milk as possible without compromising its structure. Not powdered, reconstituted or goat milk essence (...whatever that is?), but farm-fresh, raw goat milk straight from our farm. Why do we go through all that trouble you ask? Because not only is it natural and gentle on your skin - it’s an ingredient that really works. 

Goat milk contains all essential micronutrients to maintain your skin without the need for those nasty preservatives. This means that you can get that glowing complexion without any tradeoffs! It provides a deep yet gentle cleanse so it’s suitable for any and all skin types. Our soaps also offer anti-aging, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, directly targeting a range of different skin concerns. Fine lines, blemishes and even eczema can all be alleviated with the use of Frabella’s products. Goat milk even contains elements that help protect your skin from UV rays. It really is the one product that saves all!

Still not convinced? Check out our blog series on the benefits of goat’s milk for more detail on how Frabella can help you achieve that perfect complexion affordably, sustainably and safely. 


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